Care Instructions

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Material Care Instructions


To best preserve your Fabric Hearts sashes, handwashing is of course always the best option.

Not only because the material I use is good quality silk, satin or chiffon, but also because Fabric Hearts sashes are handmade and will definitely be more susceptible to stretching and tearing by the washing machine.

General guidelines

Handwashing in light detergent solution and lukewarm or cold water should be just fine. Make it quick, don't soak, as it might reshape the sash.
DON'T WRING, but roll it up nicely and press. The sashes are all of pretty light material so it won't absorb much water anyway.

If there are any embellishments, avoid ironing on them where you can.

Specific guidelines

Iron under
low temperature. Iron while damp. It's safest to put a piece of paper on top of the sash before running the iron across it.
I once burned a piece of gold satin and it became crispy and hard after that--you wouldn't want that to happen to your sashes!

moderate temperature when ironing. Iron while damp.
High temperature might cause silk to yellow and fade.
Silk is sensitive to sunlight and might spoil under strong sunlight so do not hang them outside to dry!

Chiffon comes in many types but generally use
low temperature for all chiffon. Iron while damp.
SILK chiffon is the most delicate. Follow care instructions of silk (except ironing), but be extra gentle when handling it i.e. when handwashing, pressing dry, ironing.


Handwashing is permissible but try not to. If you really have to, make it quick and light. No scrubbing, no wringing, no soaking.

To iron, turn it inside out. Don't iron on the embellishments. Use moderate temperature.

For satin pouches, you MUST turn it inside out before ironing. Use low temperature.

Some lace embellishments are slightly elasticised so high temperatures might cause them to shrivel and stick out like sore thumbs.

That's all. Those of you reading this, I assume you already own something from Fabric Hearts, so yay I hope you like it!

Any enquiries, email me...or Google it. Thanks!

<3, Hui Lin